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Simon Castano



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I am a technology professional passionate about keeping up with the latest trends in software development, design, WordPress development and video editing. I am constantly learning new technologies and am comfortable working with a wide range of programming languages, frameworks and platforms. 

A digital product should not be perfect, but should fulfill its purpose.

My years of experience have taught me that a product does not necessarily have to be made with the latest framework or the latest library, it does not need the latest design trends and it does not need to use NASA technology.

A good product should solve a problem, communicate a message or make your life easier.




Web development

WordPress development, programming with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and PHP | React and Laravel

Design services

User interface design (UI), web design, social media posts,  branding and photo edit.

Video editing

Editing of corporate videos, animations, video lyrics, editing for YouTube, TikTok and social networks.

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